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If My People performed by Terry Blackwood and the Imperials

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Good morning!

I hope you van understand my words in english. 😉 I would like to thank you for bringing us your Gospel music to our hearts! Last weekend at the Elvis Festival in Bad Nauheim i had the most touching moments in my life, except falling in love to my wife 😉
I am not such a believer, but when i hear you singing… me, as an big Elvis Fan, it means so lot to me, filled with blessings, i can not describe, its a deep going in my heart feeling. Maybe, thats the spirit! And you bring it to me, to us alland i would like to thank you again!
I will always remember you and hope to get a chance to see you again.
Daniel Corace
Hennef, Germany


Daniel, thank you so much. Would you allow me to use your post on our facebook site? Terry


Thank you for your music through the years. My first album in high school was “Follow the Man With The Music”. I have listened to your music in college, in the hospital room with my 24 year old fiancé battling cancer, my wedding reception and now with my college age sons. You have brought so much joy and encouragement. Thank you for allowing God to use you to minister to so many.


Sharon, I’m sorry this took so long. I don’t know how to do this. You can get this song on youtube to view. Type in Terry Blackwood and the Imperials If My People. I hope that works.


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